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A unique experience
Arròs i Peix is an innovative restaurant. We have our own striking in-house fish market, which beckons those in search of a unique dining experience, and the highest quality of fresh ingredients.  Look through our extensive menu and choose from a variety of dishes, whilst relaxing and enjoying a glass of our finest Cava.

We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations, taking care of every detail and offer the best quality products available.


In-housefish and seafood market

Our fish and seafood, along with all the ingredients, are always fresh. We use high quality products and make sure our customers receive the best service.

We offer a variety of dishes and have chef specials, which are displayed on our blackboard. There are numerous fresh salads, vegetables, fish, meat, fideuàs (noodle dishes) and many rice dishes (rice with broth, with fish and seafood, with sea cucumbers, or black rice)

Our in-house fish market


The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant. Utilising a wealth of experience, our chefs take great care to prepare each individual dish with wisdom and respect for the produce.

For us, the most important thing is that the customer enjoys the presentation, flavours and textures, which will ultimately create a desire to return.


Winesand Caves

We have an extensive wine collection with designation of origin and excellent Cavas that will be perfect to accompany your meal. To end your dining experience there is nothing better than to enjoy one of our desserts and give a sweet touch to your meal.

We hope that you decide to visit us and enjoy both the food and the friendly atmosphere of the restaurant!


We currently have one restaurant in the city of Vic.

You will find a welcoming atmosphere which conveys the warmth, friendly and professional team that will make your experience a delight for the senses.

The operation is the same in restaurants, where you will find an excellent in-house fish and seafood market stalls and can choose what you want.

One of our professionals will advise you on everything you need and we will cook it to your liking.

Our restaurants